Image courtesy of Relectrify

Australian Battery Technology Firm Relectrify Achieves World-First Certification For Cell-Level Control In Commercial Battery Product

As at the end of December 2022, there were over 27 million EVs cumulatively sold around the world over the past decade or so (excluding 2- and 3-wheelers). More than 13 million EVs are expected to be added to the global fleet this year, meaning that by the end of … [continued]

Relectrify Sets To Scale Its Cell-Level Battery Control Technology With The Backing Of Toyota Ventures

Second life battery cells coupled with advanced battery managed systems (BMS) and inverter technologies provide a route to cheaper, more sustainable stationary storage for various applications. Relectrify from Australia is one of the lead players in this sector. Relectrify’s ReVolve® battery system combines Relectrify’s BMS+Inverter technology with nine second-life electric … [continued]