NREL To Collaborate With Eight Teams on Innovations To Unlock Equitable Solar in Underserved Communities

Teams Will Receive Direct Funding and More Than a Year of Technical Support as They Explore New Forms of Equitable Solar Adoption in Residential and Commercial-Scale Settings Solar energy is taking off in the United States. The U.S. Energy Information Agency projects that solar power will account for nearly half of all … [continued]

Nonprofits: a New Frontier for Solar

Originally published on Let the Sunshine In: A Solar Power Blog. The nonprofit sector would seem to represent a natural fit for the solar revolution. Nonprofits exist primarily to do good. A community center, a food bank, a nationwide health-related charity: all these try to give a helping hand to … [continued]

Image Credit: RE-volv

RE-volv Signs First Solar Lease With Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

In December of last year I wrote about RE-volv’s Indiegogo campaign to finance their first community-based solar energy installation. Fast-forward to March of this year, and RE-volv announced that they had finally signed their first solar lease agreement with the non-profit Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley, California. RE-volv’s idea is … [continued]