Tesla — Spaceship of a Revolution

I didn’t get into this career in cleantech via engineering, business, or battery chemistry. My first degree was a dual major in sociology and environmental studies, which somehow led to CleanTechnica through a wildly meandering route. I love sociology and still consider it the heart of my career, and the heart of my work today. So, I’m surely a bit biased in how I view Tesla, which is often through the lens of a sociologist.

Autonomous Driving For More Than 700 Miles Back Home From rEVolution 2018 In Amsterdam

Enthusiasm for the fully electric future of mobility was one of the core elements of the rEVolution conference in Amsterdam on March 13. More than this: It was sort of like a little Woodstock for e-mobility. Yeaaaah! Great music, thundering sound, and the two hosts, Monica Araya and CleanTechnica Director Zachary Shahan, entering the stage like pop stars for their picturesque welcome.

rEVolution Chat — Watch Now!

Revolution is the name of the game these days — or, rEVolution, as some of us like to put it. Here at CleanTechnica, our objective is to cover the EV revolution, solar revolution, wind revolution, energy storage revolution, and energy efficiency revolution. The reasoning is varied — cleaner air, new economic opportunities, cool tech, etc. — but one core reason is that we’re racing to stop global warming, and we’re not in the lead.