Queensland University of Technology

Selection of electric vehicles at the recent Coffee Cake and EVs event in Bracken Ridge, Queensland. Photo courtesy of Majella Waterworth.

Tesla’s Robyn Denholm Warns: Australia May Not Be Lucky Forever

Australia has long been known for being “the lucky country.” Our mineral wealth helped us avoid the worst of the GFC and we are currently avoiding recession because of the high value of our coal and gas exports (sadly, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine). We are … [continued]

"This lithium niobate chip is the size of a fingernail and is made on thin film lithium niobate and can be used in telecommunications, to make our internet faster." Credit: RMIT University

University Research Roundup Down Under

Even though university is closed for the summer in Australia and students are dividing their time between catching some rays to patch their tans and working to pay their fees, there is plenty of good news. Scientists and researchers are holding true to their calling and looking for solutions to … [continued]