The EU’s “Green” Gift to Putin

The EU’s labelling of gas as “green” in its sustainable finance taxonomy is the biggest gift the EU could make to Putin. By William Todts, Executive Director Russians are used to celebrating Christmas a little later than their western brothers. Even so, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, must have been particularly … [continued]

Is Trump Putin’s Puppet? And If He Is, What’s That Got To Do With Cleantech?

Donald Trump is not that normal, but he is human. He is a human who has lived essentially all of his life with a totally stacked hand, to bring in a gambling analogy. He has still managed to lose all of his or his companies’ cash several times, but then his connections in the benevolent and altruistic worlds of the mafia, luxury real estate, banking, and show business have bailed him out and let him start a fresh game with a new (again highly stacked) hand. As such, despite being human, The Donald has had a pretty abnormal life that has not fully warped his sense of reality by itself but which has warped his sense of what’s proper and normal for the rest of society. After all, his reality is indeed real, even if it’s not normal or proper.