Deleting Your Period Tracker? Don’t Forget That Your EV Tracks You, Too

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Tech Advances Should Protect Automotive Privacy

Yes, it’s nice to think about the promise of emerging technologies, and the potential benefits we may get from them, but too often, the future of human rights and privacy fails to be a big enough part of the debates that come up in the transitions. There should be serious debate and serious protection for any data that could be used to jack up insurance rates, imprison you, or even lead to much worse things.

Is It Right For Tesla To Publicly Release Individual Driver Data To “Disprove” Claims Of…

Tesla has in recent years demonstrated a willingness to release individual driver data to “disprove” claims made about the malfunctioning of the company’s Autopilot feature (or just general malfunctioning of the vehicle). Does the company have the “right” to do so? More specifically, I’m not talking about the legal standing to do so, but about whether or not Tesla has the moral right to do so?