Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Quid Pro Quo In Environmental Politics

Originally published on the ECOreport. Anyone trying to understand the “why?” of some (seemingly stupid) political actions should read David Mason’s recent column in the Globe and Mail.  His explanation of the Canadian Government’s approval of the $36 billion (CAN) Pacific NorthWest LNG project, on Lelu Island in British Columbia, … [continued]

Trudeau Sold Canada Out

Originally published on the ECOreport. Even Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, was critical of the government’s approval of Lelu Island.  Environment reporter Margo McDermid called the Pacific Northwest LNG project the “first real test of the Liberal’s approach to the environment and energy.” Her colleague, Chris Hall, added that approving this project … [continued]

What Did The Three Amigos Really Accomplish?

Originally published on the ECOreport. Future generations may look back on the agreement that Canada, the United States, and Mexico just signed as a significant milestone,  or maybe not. What did they really accomplish? President Obama told reporters,”We have an integrated economy already, the question is under what terms are … [continued]

Calling For A National Summit On The Economy

Originally published on the ECOreport The message applies to every nation, though the specifics would need to change. While it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crusade for a pan-Canadian framework for clean growth and climate change, there can be no doubt that he has brought these issues … [continued]