President Barack Obama

President Obama Announces Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative

US President Barack Obama has announced the Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative, which intends to increase access to solar energy and promote energy efficiency across the country, particularly in low- and moderate-income families. On Tuesday, President Obama announced the Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative, which is a cross-government partnership between … [continued]

Toward A No Carbon Nation

Originally published on the ECOreport. The negative impacts of climate change are already upon us, but there are alternatives to the energy sources that caused them. In the space of 94 minutes, Peter Sitcom Bromley’s documentary attempts to give a comprehensive overview of pathways toward a No Carbon Nation. Toward A … [continued]

A sample screenshot of a SolarCity customer's energy efficiency data Image Credit: SolarCity

Responding To Obama’s Action Plan, SolarCity Unveils Energy Explorer

A national leader in clean energy services, SolarCity has responded to US President Obama’s call for reduced carbon pollution and increased energy efficiency by revealing Energy Explorer, “a new software service that provides homeowners a self-guided tour of their energy use.” Speaking at Georgetown University — a location filled with … [continued]

President Obama Launches Secret Green Partnership With India to Cut CO2 Emissions Despite GOP Boycott

In a move sure to anger the Let’s-do-nothing-about-climate-change-till-China-and-India-do crowd, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India launched a secret Green Partnership to do something about climate change. [social_buttons] The secret arrangement was made while the President was on his failed Asian trip resulting in pre-Copenhagen announcements from … [continued]