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Japanese Retail Investors Fund ADB Clean Energy Projects

There are signs that there’s healthy demand on the part of retail and professional private sector investors, particularly in Japan, in helping finance the transition to clean, renewable energy. Through Nomura International, the Asian Development Bank last week sold a second, $339 issue of Clean Energy bonds in various foreign currencies to Japanese retail investors.

Solar PV & Remote, Distributed Microgrids Poised to Improve Living Conditions for Millions

The integration of solar photovoltaics (PV) into remote microgrids will drive rapid growth in the market for such distributed, renewable energy-powered off-grid systems, according to a new market research report. The 80% of world population that resides in developing countries consumes only 30% of global energy supplies, but that’s growing as these countries’ economies develop. Able to be built and installed cheaply and in short order, solar PV-powered remote microgrids have the potential to literally and figuratively empower millions and protect the environment by providing them reliable, affordable access to clean, renewable electricity.