Better Battery Electrolytes with New Polymers

New polymer materials under development at Oak Ridge National Laboratory could enable safer, more stable batteries needed for electric vehicles and grid energy storage. Polymers are promising electrolytes for solid-state lithium batteries for their low cost, flexibility and processibility, but performance needs to be improved. “Typically, you can increase flexibility … [continued]

Energy Storage Market Presents New Opportunities For Material & Polymer Suppliers

Originally published on Apricum Group. By Florian Haacke and Dr. Hendrik Kienert Driven by an increasing share of renewable energy and e-mobility, the energy storage market is exhibiting substantial growth, which Apricum expects will continue for the foreseeable future. This not only presents new opportunities for energy storage system suppliers, … [continued]

Researchers Find Clues to Efficient Organic Photovoltaic Material (Could Help Create New Materials to Improve…

  by Brookhaven National Laboratory Media & Communications Office Detailed studies of one of the best-performing organic photovoltaic materials reveal an unusual bilayer lamellar structure that may help explain the material’s superior performance at converting sunlight to electricity and guide the synthesis of new materials with even better properties. The research, … [continued]