Survey Shows Japanese More Interested In Tesla Model 3 Than Any Other Imported EV

The Tesla Model 3 is Japan’s top imported EV, according to a survey by Current Motor, Yahoo! Japan has reported. Current Motor operates the imported car service Foreign Car King and it conducted a questionnaire survey on imported EVs for those interested in imported cars. テスラ モデル3を選んだ理由として「デザインや見た目がいい」「急速充電が可能」「コストパフォーマンスが高い」などの理由が多く、デザイン面や性能面、価格面でも高く評価されている#Yahooニュースhttps://t.co/mTtgNogxae — Tesla Japan … [continued]

Solar Job Training, EV Predictions For 2013, Ford C-Max Breaks Hybrid Launch Sales Record… (Cleantech…

  Other than our own stories, here’s some top cleantech and climate news of the day: Solar Power Top PV Module Suppliers Developing Own Utility Projects: “Research from Wiki-Solar has found that the most successful module providers to utility-scale photovoltaic plants are developing their own projects to accommodate their products.” … [continued]

Independent Voters Favor Renewable Energy To Keystone XL Pipeline 4:1, Poll Finds

Environmental groups celebrated last fall when President Obama delayed the northern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would pipe carbon-intensive tar sands crude from Canadian strip mines to refineries in Texas. Now that Obama is back in the White House for a second term, those same forces are banding together to encourage the president to kill the pipeline altogether. […]