Apé E-City FX Max (Passenger Version), Image courtesy of Alex Mwanzo

Car & General Launches Piaggio Electric 3-Wheelers in Kenya

A visit to Kenya’s coastal towns such as Malindi, Kilifi, Watamu, Diani, and of course the city of Mombasa always fascinates people with the large number of tuk-tuks buzzing around everywhere. The noise from their internal combustion engines can be quite overwhelming, but these vehicles play an important role in … [continued]

Amazon & Walmart-Backed Rival Flipkart Announce EV Partnerships For Indian Deliveries

E-commerce giant Amazon and its Walmart-backed Indian rival Flipkart have both announced partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers for last-mile delivery of products. Amazon, in a recent press statement, announced it will strengthen its partnership with Mahindra Electric to procure more electric three-wheelers for last-mile deliveries. Amazon has already acquired 100 … [continued]