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Thailand In Midst Of Big Solar Boom

Originally published on Solar Love. New figures reported by Reuters show that Thailand is set to increase its solar capacity to at least 1,200 MW this year, surpassing all of neighbouring Southeast Asia. Reuters is reporting, based on figures provided by the Federation of Thai Industries renewable energy division, that solar power … [continued]

Germany Not So Important Anymore

Originally published on Lenz Blog. The recent news about reforming the Law on Priority for Renewable Energy in Germany is not great for people like me. As Hans-Josef Fell (one of the original authors of the law) explains in much detail, the reform that will likely become law is restraining growth just about everywhere. … [continued]

Airlines, Farm Groups Petition Senate for Military Biofuels

Airlines for America, the American Farm Bureau Federation and other groups banded together last week to ask the Senate Armed Services Committee to quit blocking biofuels and alternative fuels for the Department of Defense.The unusual alliance teams traditional industry and agriculture associations with alternative energy leaders including the Advanced Biofuels … [continued]