3 Reasons Even Trump Supporters Should Love Sustainability

There’s a lot of great news these days about innovations and projects that are moving our society forward toward a sustainable future. There’s also a lot of bad news out there about the damage we are doing. Sustainability shouldn’t be political, but let’s face it, it is. While one (I, for instance) might argue that we all should want a world free of biologically hazardous chemicals and human-produced climate-altering gases, one (I) can also understand that, to get there, some people’s economic interests will be, shall we say, not optimized. Change is never easy.

Climate Change Is In The Air

This article originally appeared on the Mosaic website. By Rosana Francescato Last year climate change became reality for the United States. New York City flooded, a historic drought blanketed the Midwest, and we saw one of the worst fire seasons ever recorded. By July, the US had shattered over 40,000 daily heat records. The question now … [continued]

The Military’s Strategic Imperative to Save Fuel (and Lives)

Increasing energy efficiency in the U.S. military has become as much about geopolitical strategy as it is about saving lives and money. That’s the perspective of the Pentagon’s top energy official, and it has major implications for the U.S. military’s drive to use less oil-based fuel.

energyNOW! correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan interviewed Sharon Burke, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs, about the military’s fight against fossil fuel dependence.