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SUV Explosion & Pedestrian Fatalities Linked, New Study Finds

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are all the rage. Sport? Well, not really. In fact, most of them never leave the comfort of paved roads. Utility? Sometimes, once or twice a year, or you could include kids in that definition. Vehicles? Definitely, they are vehicles, and lot of them! So much so that SUVs have become Detroit’s bread and butter for decades. It’s more profitable building big heavy cars than it is building fuel-efficient vehicles.

Governors Highway Safety Association Argues Pedestrian Death Surge Is Result Of Drunk Pedestrians

We’ve recently seen a surge in the number of pedestrians and cyclists killed in the US by auto drivers. While most people would probably assume that the reasons for this surge are some of the more obvious possibilities — growing auto use, smartphone addiction, growing levels of drug use (illegal and prescription), increasing senility amongst certain portions of the population, etc. — the Governors Highway Safety Association thinks otherwise.