Electric Cars From Samsung? Maybe…

Originally published on EV Obsession. Electronics giant Samsung may have decided that it is qualified to enter the electric car arena, and it may well be. The South Korean smartphone, TV, camera, laptop, etc leader (which is actually South Korea’s largest conglomerate) has apparently filed several patents connected to electric … [continued]

Renewable Energy Patents Booming

Originally published on the MIT website. The number of patents issued for renewable-energy technologies has risen sharply over the last decade, according to new research from MIT and the Santa Fe Institute (SFI). The study shows that investments in research and development, as well as in the growth of markets … [continued]

Keeping an Eye on Cleantech Patents

  Free stuff is awesome. But let’s face it, there’s usually a catch to ‘free’. Getting information on patents is free — the catch is that sorting through patents can be incredibly time consuming since — even just for cleantech, there are thousands of cleantech patents ever year. Enter CleanTech … [continued]