200-MW Solar Plant Planned for Oman

  Oman has one of the highest solar energy densities in the world. A study has estimated the country could generate all its electricity from solar power. Using just a tiny percentage of desert land for solar collectors could satisfy all its energy needs. Investing in solar power could help … [continued]

Watering Deserts

The increasing desertification of the planet due to climate change is a serious threat to future humans,  so technology that can create water in deserts is arguably one of the more critical technologies that we need to master. Wacky ideas that purport to solve serious climate issues are a dime … [continued]

Scientists: Rocks Could Be Used to Capture CO2

According to researchers at Columbia University, peridotite rocks could be harnessed to capture carbon dioxide in large quantities, potentially offsetting billions of tons of CO2 emissions each year. The rocks, found in Oman, California, New Guinea and elsewhere, produce calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate rock (both solids) upon contact with … [continued]