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Election 2012: Who Wins On Energy Issues?

  Following up on my own examination of Obama’s and Romney’s stances on clean energy and other cleantech, as well as NRDC’s comparison of Obama and Romney on energy issues, here’s a good guest post from a friend of the site (originally published on Examiner.com): The Presidential candidates’ views on energy issues differ … [continued]

Obama Endorsement Follow-Up

  I think that, based on the evidence presented yesterday, if you’re voting for president based on energy or environmental matters, Obama’s the clear option. But if you like to base your vote on matters beyond this realm, you might find the facts below to be a convincing case for … [continued]

Tom Friedman Tears into Our Economic System, US Citizens, “Climategate,” & Obama at Greenbuild 2011

Noted author and New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman tore into Obama at this year’s Greenbuild Conference in Toronto for some of his environmental and clean energy failures. He’s not the first to do so — Al Gore has, Rolling Stone has, Joe Romm of the blog Climate Progress has, Bill McKibben of 350.org has, and numerous environmental organizations have.

I don’t think any of them would say that Obama hasn’t done more than any Republican president at this time would do. But they have all expressed their great frustration at Obama’s lack of leadership and a number of big, sort of shocking failures (i.e. opening up Wyoming to massive coal mining, dropping strong smog standards, opening the Arctic up to oil drilling).