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Obama: Jekyll & Hyde On Energy

Originally published on ClimateProgress. By Dr Joe Romm In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama once again tried to reconcile the split personality of his energy policy. On the one hand, the President clearly stated his Dr. Jekyll commitment to cutting carbon pollution and fighting climate change. But … [continued]

Election 2012: Who Wins On Energy Issues?

  Following up on my own examination of Obama’s and Romney’s stances on clean energy and other cleantech, as well as NRDC’s comparison of Obama and Romney on energy issues, here’s a good guest post from a friend of the site (originally published on Examiner.com): The Presidential candidates’ views on energy issues differ … [continued]

Obama Endorsement Follow-Up

  I think that, based on the evidence presented yesterday, if you’re voting for president based on energy or environmental matters, Obama’s the clear option. But if you like to base your vote on matters beyond this realm, you might find the facts below to be a convincing case for … [continued]

Cleantech Link Love

  Some more top cleantech news from around the interwebs! Clean Cars 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Makes Official, Expensive Debut. “One of the most exciting cars in the electric vehicle world has been the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell concept. Well, the official version will be called the Mercedes-Benz SLS … [continued]

Obama vs Romney on Energy (Chart)

  Rebecca Leber of Climate Progress has put together a good chart comparing Obama and Romney on energy policy and energy policy statements. While the text is sometimes a bit flavorful with its style of writing / presenting of the facts, the content is very useful for anyone who cares … [continued]