nuclear waste

A Safer Nuclear Future?

  Replacing uranium with thorium could see currently installed nuclear reactors recycling their nuclear waste indefinitely. Since the development of nuclear power, many different strategies for the minimisation and disposal of nuclear waste have been considered. There are two types of nuclear waste: fission product waste and actinide waste. Fission … [continued]

A Legacy: The Eternal Nuclear Dump

We are a civilization that ignores or glosses over its past mistakes, the horrors of its history and seems blissfully oblivious to all the terrible dangers that surround us in the present. With all the conflict and war, rapid population growth, dwindling supplies of resources, from water, to food, to energy, and the steadily warming temperature of the atmospheric stew we’re all simmering in, I’m amazed that anyone believes we will have descendents at all beyond a century or two.

My Thoughts on Nuclear

You may want some facts on nuclear in order to prove that nuclear is either more “good” than “bad” or, vice versa, more “bad” than “good.” And yes, I will provide some in this article, but the point of the matter when it comes to nuclear energy is that we don’t yet have the needed facts to adequately weigh nuclear energy’s costs and benefits…. but if we did, it seems impossible they would put nuclear in the “good” category.