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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Update — More Cleanup Delays, Continually Rising Costs, & Extremely High Radiation Levels Destroying Cleanup Robots

February 15th, 2017 | by James Ayre

We haven't reported on the Fukushima nuclear disaster in a while, so it seems worth providing an update here. The short form? Plans to remove spent nuclear fuel have been delayed again, this time until fiscal year 2018 at the earliest; new fuel leaks continue to be discovered; cleanup cost estimates continue to rise; 300 tons of radioactive water are still pouring into the Pacific Ocean every day; and cleanup robots are still being destroyed by extremely high radiation levels

Google Earth: Glowing Green Sea.. Near Scottish Nuclear Power Plant

January 27th, 2012 | by Breath on the Wind

It is the sort of headline that grabs your attention and suggests doom in the same year that one (of the many) Mayan Calendars is "doomed" to end. Deadline reports that a local pursuing their countryside on "Google Earth" suddenly noticed that the sea near the Hunterston B nuclear power plant, Ayrshire, Scotland was luminous green on Google Earth. Concerned they alerted officials to the glowing problem

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