nuclear politics

French Thumb Nose At Nuclear Power

France runs almost completely on nuclear power and has always been a strong proponent of keeping nuclear power as their energy source, however the environmental impact and debate on the effect of nuclear power has driven the French population to look for an alternative source of electricity.

My Thoughts on Nuclear

You may want some facts on nuclear in order to prove that nuclear is either more “good” than “bad” or, vice versa, more “bad” than “good.” And yes, I will provide some in this article, but the point of the matter when it comes to nuclear energy is that we don’t yet have the needed facts to adequately weigh nuclear energy’s costs and benefits…. but if we did, it seems impossible they would put nuclear in the “good” category.

While Europe & China Put Nuclear Energy on Hold, Will U.S. Learn from the Catastrophe…

One of my readers recently commented on one of my posts: “Wow, you’re quite the news nerd.” Yes, I guess I am. I have been following cleantech news obsessively for awhile (not to mention environmental science, climate change, food, and animal news), in an effort to be the best cleantech blogger I can be. This, for me, includes cleantech breakthroughs, cleantech projects, cleantech business trends, and cleantech politics.