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Perovskites: The Future of PV?

By Sam Stranks A new material has entered the emerging low-cost photovoltaics arena and is threatening to blow much of the existing competition away. Power conversion efficiencies (how efficiently incident sunlight is converted to electrical power) in perovskite-based solar cells have increased from a starting point of 3.8% in 2009 to a staggering … [continued]

Graphene Silicon Nanoplatelets Increase Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity 4 Fold

This article first appeared on the Hephaestus Project – Energy blog. By David Fuchs Six months ago, Northwestern University professor Harold Kung theorized that, using a graphene–silicon mixture, there was a way to extend a new lithium-ion battery’s charge by 10 times and increase its lifespan by a factor of 10. The technology theorized by Harold … [continued]