North America

North American Renewable Integration Study Highlights Opportunities for a Coordinated, Continental Low-Carbon Grid

The North American electric power system is undergoing significant change, with renewable resources now contributing more generation than ever before — a transformation that is poised to continue given decreasing technology costs and ambitious decarbonization goals at the federal, state, local, corporate, and consumer levels. With a series of reports … [continued]

BYD Builds New Lithium-Powered Forklift Facility In Southern California

BYD continues to sprint towards electrifying every vehicle category in the world with news today that it is adding an electric forklift production facility in the Southern California city of Rancho Dominguez. The new 50,000 square foot facility will also include supporting offices, warehousing, and demonstration space to show potential customers what these new lithium iron phosphate-powered vehicles are capable of.