Nevada net metering

PAC Fronts Formed In Nevada Net Metering Battle

Rooftop solar and distributed energy champions have advanced a ballot initiative to restore Nevada’s retail-rate net metering policy. However, they are facing legal challenges from a utility-backed PAC. Expect a vigorous courtroom battle. To the shock of many net metering proponents, earlier this February, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission voted not to grandfather existing … [continued]

NPUC Votes In New 12-Year Solar Rate Plan

Unanimous NPUC vote rejects grandfathering proposal; will move all solar customers to new rates On Friday, Nevada’s utility regulator voted unanimously to require solar homes to move to a new rate structure, one which sparked angry responses from solar proponents calling maintain their previous rates. The new rates will be … [continued]

Net Metering Wins In Nevada & Colorado

Separate rulings this week in Nevada and Colorado see net metering left alone, resulting in a clear win for rooftop solar consumers. The Nevada Public Utilities Commission voted this week to keep solar net metered customers on existing rates until the Commission is able to make a decision determining long-term … [continued]

Nevada Net Metering In Debate

Originally published on Solar Love. In Nevada, a debate is raging over what the proper net metering rate should be and who should set it. A net metering rate determines the amount of money utility companies have to pay residential customers who have rooftop solar systems for the excess electricity they feed … [continued]