Network Rail

Railways In The Time Of Climate Change

Originally published on The Beam. By Emanuela Barbiroglio On the morning of August 12, train 1T08 Aberdeen to Glasgow derailed just northeast of Carmont, Scotland. After departing Stonehaven, an emergency radio message reported a landslip obstructing the line. The train had reached close to the 75mph line speed when it … [continued]

UK’s First Tram-Train Project Coming Along — New Wheel Profile Ready For Approval Process

The UK’s first Tram-Train project/trial — the Sheffield-Rotherham Tram-Train scheme — has reached a new milestone in its development, with the completion of a new wheel-rail interface profile. This new wheel profile will allow the Tram-Train vehicle to operate efficiently, and safely, on two very different railway infrastructures — on … [continued]