Nissan’s Long Strange Trip With LEAF Batteries

The Nissan LEAF is infamous for its battery problems. It started with the fast degrading 24kWh battery in the original 2010 Nissan LEAF. That battery was not up to the hot conditions of US Southwest states. It was replaced by a battery with a different chemistry, the 24kWh “lizard battery” in 2014. In 2015, the model year 2016 (MY2016) LEAF got a slightly larger 30kWh battery option. In the MY2018 Nissan LEAF, an even bigger 40kWh battery was offered.

NEC Exiting Battery Business, Likely Selling Its Division To Chinese Investment Group

The Tokyo-based manufacturer NEC is reportedly in final talks with the China-based investment group GSR to sell its battery electrode subsidiary, NEC Energy Devices, according to recent reports.

If the deal goes through, then that means that NEC will have completely exited the expensive lithium-ion business — presuming that the sale of NEC’s interest in its automotive battery joint venture with Nissan Motor to GSR also goes through.

De-Salting Northern Japan

Not long ago, we saw the development of salt-tolerant crops in areas that couldn’t be irrigated or were damaged by a flood of salt-water. And then came the massive wave swamping northern Japan last March — it would seem like good timing, but it’s difficult to grow even salt-tolerant strains of anything in the wake of that mess.