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ChatGPT & DALL-e generated panoramic image depicting the contrast between Germany and Australia in terms of nuclear energy

Germany’s CO2 Off 10%, Coal & Nuclear Down, Gas Networks Next, Oz Debates Nuclear

Recently I was engaged in an odd conversation online, one that spanned from Australia to Germany, almost exactly the opposite sides of the world. Australia is in the throes of a deeply odd energy conversation about whether nuclear generation is necessary or not (it isn’t). The leader of the Australia’s … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic cutaway illustration you requested, showing the system that extracts natural gas from beneath the North Sea, the CO2 removal process, and the CO2 injection into a subsea salt brine cavern.

CCS Redux: “Best” Carbon Capture Facility In World Creates 25x More CO2 From Use Of…

Carbon capture and sequestration in all of its various ineffective, inefficient and expensive forms is having another run up the hype cycle. Nothing has really changed. The problems still exist. The alternatives are still better. The potential for use is still minuscule. And so, the CCS Redux series, republishing old … [continued]

Image (cropped): Iron-air battery to provide long duration energy storage, courtesy of Form Energy via CEC

We Need More Than Transmission Lines

We recently got this from the NRDC, in an article, “We Can’t Let Aging Transmission Stall Clean Energy Progress,” published at CleanTechnica: “The good news is that there’s an abundance of clean energy waiting to get online. In fact, there are about 2,000 gigawatts of new resources — primarily renewables … [continued]

Midjourney generated image of a desolate landscape scarred by oil extraction with rusted pump and pipelines littering it

Australians Ask About Fossil Fuels in Smart Energy Council Presentation Webinar

Last week I had the opportunity to talk with over 300 participants in an Australian Smart Energy Council webinar. It was organized to exploit my unusual timezone alignment with Oz as I spend a few weeks in New Zealand as a digital nomad. Over 600 signed up, expecting to listen … [continued]