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NASCAR Waves Its Green Flag Higher

NASCAR has its traditions, but innovation is its heart and soul and the organization has just taken another step to prove it. Earlier this week NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) announced that it was bumping its sustainability profile higher up on the executive  ladder by promoting its … [continued]

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The following guest post is actually a month old. Unfortunately, it was passed on to me by the author while I was in the midst of an extreme health crisis. But the article (reposted from is what we might call an “evergreen” article. It tackles one of the most … [continued]

Top-Rated Raceway Gives the Green Light to Recycled Oil

EcoPower recycled oil has just been named the official oil of Virginia International Raceway, one of the top-rated tracks in the U.S., so if you had any doubts that the green revolution is sweeping into the mainstream, this ought to help put them to rest. VIR is making a big deal out of this deal, which it sealed in time to kick off its inaugural VIR 240 American Le Mans Series this week […]