Moxion's MP-75/600 mobile BESS. Photo courtesy of Moxion Power. (Photo: Business Wire)

Mill Valley Music Festival Goes Green with Moxion Power: First-Ever U.S. Festival Powered Entirely by…

Moxion’s mobile battery power units (MPUs) create a springboard for more eco-friendly live event experiences while eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from diesel generators. RICHMOND, California — The 2024 Mill Valley Music Festival (“MVMF”) is set to become the first-ever U.S. festival to operate entirely on mobile zero-emission batteries, thanks to … [continued]

Grimes Drops Her WarNymph Collection, With Percentage Of Proceeds Going To Carbon180

Grimes has dropped her new WarNymph collection in collaboration with Nifty Gateway, which is a marketplace for buying and selling Nifties — “digital items you can truly own.” It’s the premier marketplace for rare digital artwork. The marketplace was founded with the mission to make Nifties accessible to everyone. … [continued]

Volta Offers Innovative Approach to Music Marketing by Working with Roc Nation to Promote Jaden…

Volta, the industry leader in electric vehicle charging networks, today announced their campaign to promote Jaden Smith’s new music release, CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3, featuring track Cabin Fever. Jaden is a vocal supporter of sustainability, environmental initiatives and electric vehicles. His passion for issues that concern the environment aligns with Volta’s sustainability efforts.

The Hyphenate Makes A Beat With Tesla’s TRAX (Video)

Hip hop artist The Hyphenate not only makes a beat in Tesla’s TRAX, but he shows you how to use it, too. For those who get confused when looking at creation software like this (like me), this is vital. I personally would never open it because I would be overwhelmed and not know what I am doing and just mutter a few curse words and exit out of the app. But The Hyphenate walks us through it beautifully.