Monroe County

Which U.S. Counties Are Struck By Hurricanes Most Frequently?

It’s creeping towards that time of year for Eastern and Gulf states in the U.S. to prepare for hurricane season. Having lived through many Florida hurricanes, experiencing the water (everywhere) and the wind clearing out stagnant energy, the atmosphere is refreshing — if houses remain and people are fine. Electricity can be knocked out for hours or days, which can be stressful but can also be relaxing. It depends on your situation, your needs, and your point of view.


FPL Announces New “Innovative” Energy Storage Pilot Project

In conjunction with the recent White House summit on scaling renewable energy and storage with smart markets, Florida Power and Light Company recently announced a new “innovative” energy storage pilot project. The new pilot project announced by Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) will see the testing of multiple applications … [continued]