Figure: By NREL, Benchmarking Non-hardware balance-of-system (soft) costs for US photovoltaic systems, using a bottom-up approach and installer survey -- second edition, October 2013

New Financing Structures For Clean Energy Can Help Bring Down Solar Soft Costs

By Maud Texier. Hardware costs for solar have substantially dropped over the past years. Solar module prices have decreased by 70% from 2010 to 2012. The attention is now directed towards soft costs and financing. An NREL study published in September 2013 analyzed the increasing share of soft cost in … [continued]

Leveling the Energy Playing Field: Senate Bill to Allow Renewable Energy MLPs

One of the ways the US federal government subsidizes the fossil fuel industry is by allowing natural gas, oil and coal investors to form Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These special purpose investment vehicles exempt companies forming them from corporate income taxes. Legislation from Delaware Sen. Christopher Coons seeks to level the playing field by opening MLPs up to renewable energy investors. […]