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Republicans Will Have Two Paths After The Blue Wave, & One Is Climate-Friendly

Will the Republicans realize that 60 years of leaning into irrational wedges with racism in the 60s, misogyny in the 70s, Creationism and anti-abortion in the 80s, propaganda in the 90s, climate change denialism in the 00s and anti-vaxx in the 10s is a losing proposition, and pivot into the 21st Century, or will they double down on being the party of the aggrieved and irrational?

Election 2012: Who Wins On Energy Issues?

  Following up on my own examination of Obama’s and Romney’s stances on clean energy and other cleantech, as well as NRDC’s comparison of Obama and Romney on energy issues, here’s a good guest post from a friend of the site (originally published on The Presidential candidates’ views on energy issues differ … [continued]

Mitt Romney’s Winners & Losers

  Here’s a great post by perhaps the best Congressperson in office today, Bernie Sanders, on Mitt Romney’s relationship to energy (h/t Grist): The Big Energy industries (oil, coal and gas) along with their political allies like Mitt Romney are waging war against sustainable energy and efforts to transform our … [continued]

30 Romney Lies Nailed in 1 Video

  As we prepare for the Romney–Obama presidential debate tonight, I think this is a must-watch video on Romney’s debate approach — lying. Here are 30 flat-out lies (or completely misinformed comments, if you want to be nice) Romney made in the first presidential debate on October 3: h/t Red, … [continued]