Mississippi River

Featured image: Col. Cullen Jones, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District commander, briefs media Sept. 15, 2023, on current steps the Corps plans to take to augment the existing underwater sill

Louisiana’s Saltwater Problem Shows Us How Climate Change Can Have Complex, Unanticipated Consequences

According to news reports like this one, southern Louisiana is having some serious problems with water that are only going to get worse in the coming weeks. Let’s first take a look at the chain of events that caused this. Today’s problem is that salty water from the ocean is … [continued]

Local Pollution Has A Global Impact

Pollution — especially stuff dropped into rivers, lakes, and streams — has to go somewhere. Littering in rivers is a common thing in many countries. In many areas of the world, basic refuse management systems are lacking or people are just too lazy to walk over a trash can to properly dispose of their water bottle, plastic bags, or papers. As a consequence, rubbish often ends up in rivers and streams which naturally carry the waste out to sea. 

Donald Trump’s EPA, Ruled By The Swamp, Is Letting Companies Dump Sewage Into Our Rivers

It seems that the EPA under Donald Trump wants to dump raw sewage into our rivers. The organization is now allowing cities to do just that. In an article by the New York Times, the Trump administration has decided to reverse almost 95 environmental rules in a massive retreat on environmental protection, because “it’s too costly for industry or taxpayers.”