Minnesota PUC

Xcel Has Room For Renewable Generation On Its Minnesota Grid. So Where Is It?

Determining exactly how much local renewable generation can reach Xcel Energy customers in Minnesota hinges in part on how many of these projects the existing grid can accommodate. To that end, the state’s Public Utilities Commission compelled the utility last year to report on more than 1,000 “feeders” delivering electricity to homes and businesses across its Twin Cities service territory.

Residential Subscribers In Focus As Minnesota Weighs Community Solar Incentives

The residential adder discussion is part of a larger debate over what state regulators can do to ensure community solar is universally accessible. Particularly as these projects catch on with developers in Minnesota and nationwide, sensible policies must ensure equitable distribution of their benefits — from reduced utility bills for subscribers to economic development in the communities they serve.

Pursuing Grid Modernization In A Monopoly Model

Originally published on ilsr.org. How can a state modernize its electric system when it’s in the hands of vertically integrated monopolies? We offer some thoughts via recent comments on a grid modernization docket being reviewed by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Background: the grid modernization docket is a relatively new requirement, … [continued]