Climate Migration

By Jeremy Deaton Few species have proved as adaptable as Homo sapiens. From their origin in the Horn of Africa, modern humans extended their reach to the frigid plains of Siberia, the torrid deserts of Australia and the humid jungles of South America, learning to thrive in even the harshest … [continued]

Why Should We Care About Environmental Migration?

A study conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in 2015 shows that natural hazards affect migration patterns across the country. Natural hazards that occur suddenly often contribute to displacement. But slow-onset processes also compel people to move, usually to the nearest urban area, to offset losses in household income caused by loss of crops and land.

Climate Change Is Already Impacting People & Leading To Environmental Migration

Sieun Lee is a Programme Officer of the Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva. Sieun first delved into the topic of environmental migration in 2009, while initially researching about climate change negotiations. While reading key climate change decisions and policies, she realized that the human face of climate change was largely absent in dialogues and on paper.