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Mexico’s Clean Energy Ambitions Realistic With These Renewable Energy Resources

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released an in-depth report on the potential for clean energy development in Mexico. Mexico is replete with solar and wind resources and has remaining untapped potential in geothermal and hydropower. NREL’s Mexico Clean Energy Report concludes that, in light of … [continued]

SkyPower Dives Into Mexico With Grupo Uribe

Originally published on Solar Love. SkyPower announced last week that it will be forming a joint venture partnership with Grupo Uribe to develop solar energy in Mexico. One of the world’s largest renewable energy developers, and the self-proclaimed world leader in solar PV development, SkyPower announced last week the formation of … [continued]

Public Utilities & Private Companies In Mexico Teaming Up To Promote Renewables

The Federal Electricity Commission — the general director of Mexico’s state-owned electric utility — recently announced its plans to further promote renewable energy production within the populous country by teaming up with a number of notable private companies. These new strategic public-private partnerships are intended as a sort of ‘reform’ … [continued]

Huge CPV Solar Power Project to Bring Low-Cost Electricity, Green Jobs & Growth to Baja…

The first 50-MW of a planned 450-MW solar power project in Mexico’s Baja California is to come from CPV technology developed by San Jose’s SolFocus. The solar power project– by far the largest in Mexico announced to date– provides further evidence of Mexico’s growing commitment to fostering economic and employment growth by developing its renewable energy resources and making use of its natural resources in more environmentally and socially sustainable ways.