This five-cell metamaterial array developed at Duke University has a power-harvesting efficiency of 36.8 percen -- comparable to a solar cell. Image Credit: Duke Photography

Harvesting Lost Wave Energy From The Air — New Device For Generating Electricity From Wireless…

An energy-harvesting device capable of utilizing the signals from a wide variety of energy sources — such as microwaves, Wi-Fi signals, satellite signals, and sound signals — has been created by researchers at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering. While the concept itself isn’t anything new, the execution in this … [continued]

Disappearing Meta-materials Now More Common

Meta-materials (MM: materials beyond the imagination) have been largely confined to tricks in the lab because the required components of silver and gold are not well adapted to semiconductor manufacturing processes and too much of the material is lost. These MM have the ability to bend narrow wavelengths of light, sound, and seismic waves. They have been used to make objects seem to “disappear.” […]

Blacker than Black

Deep in a cave you turn off your light and it is blacker than any night. You turn on your flashlight and the environment seems to suck the light out of it. That is kind of black that scientists have recently created. We sometimes need a surface that doesn’t reflect light and other magical materials.

Scientists Create New “Invisible” Material

Forget the merely invisible, scientists at Columbia Engineering School have created a new material that behaves as if it doesn’t even exist, at least when it comes to light. The new material is a nanoscale structure that allows light to pass through as if it was traversing empty space. In very general terms, that means the light does not slow down or “bend” when it exits the material.