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Hyundai is banking on carbon fiber and other advanced materials to gain an edge in the hot electric vehicle market.

Hyundai Enlists Toray For Electric Vehicle Makeover

Electric vehicles are good, but they can always be better. That’s the motivation behind the big news about Hyundai’s newly announced partnership with the advanced materials firm Toray Industries. The two companies are mum on the details, but a quick look at Toray’s product lineup indicates that carbon fiber is … [continued]

Materials Science Facing Replicability Crisis Now As Well — What Are The Implications For Battery…

It’s been an open secret for quite some time now that much of what goes on in certain parts of the “scientific community” is at this point essentially fraud. It has been labelled the so-called “replicability crisis” and is facing biomedical and social sciences (amongst others). While the meta-science report throwing psychology under the bus was arguably riddled with its own scientific errors (ironically), well known problems that cross disciplines have been summarized well here.

Stanford Engineers Weld Nanowires with Light

  By Andrew Myers One area of intensive research at the nanoscale is the creation of electrically conductive meshes made of metal nanowires. Promising exceptional electrical throughput, low cost and easy processing, engineers foresee a day when such meshes are common in new generations of touch-screens, video displays, light-emitting diodes, … [continued]