Marshall Islands

Insular Areas Climate Change Act: Strengthen Territories’ Response to Climate Disasters & Protect the Most…

Courtesy of Union Of Concerned Scientists By Juan Declet-Barreto, Climate Vulnerability Social Scientist, co-authored by Dr. Adi Martínez-Román with the University of Puerto Rico Resiliency Law Center. Islands and their people are more vulnerable to climate impacts than continental jurisdictions. They are more unprotected from climate ravages that are becoming more ferocious. Their … [continued]

New Climate Measure Restricts Floodplain Development

President Barack Obama has just taken unprecedented actions to help coastal communities resist severe impacts of climate change. Anywhere that taxpayer dollars are used to build or protect floodplain development of buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, agencies must now consider current and future flooding risks to alterations and new housing, … [continued]