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Could Airborne Wind Energy Take Off?

A recent study led by the University of Delaware has bolstered the idea that airborne wind energy could be a beneficial addition to the existing energy mix, stating that such generation mechanisms tethered to the ground “have the potential to generate huge amounts of electricity.” Specifically, there are very fast … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated image of large, colorful kite connected to a ground-based electrical generation system, set in a wide-open field under a clear sky.

Airborne Wind Energy: It’s All Platypuses Instead Of Cheetahs

Kite-based wind generation was first proposed in the 1940s, the seminal power potential paper was published in 1980 and it was first demonstrated in 1986. So why isn’t there a single production system or even an a quarter-scale production prototype in existence today? Each of the combinations of design choices … [continued]