Lyndon Rive

Model X Wedding Crasher, Jonas Issues TSLA Warning, Lyndon Rive Leaves Tesla/SolarCity

Tesla, “the company that Twitter built,” had a banner day in the headlines yesterday. A Model X rented for a wedding was crashed into by a stolen car. Meanwhile, SpaceX launched its heaviest satellite yet. Adam Jonas, one of the biggest cheerleaders for Tesla stock on Wall Street lowered his sights a bit. And Elon Musk’s cousin, Lyndon Rive, says he will leave the company next month to pursue “other opportunities.”

SolarCity Set To Lay Off 108 Employees

SolarCity announced earlier this month that it intended to begin cutting jobs in an attempt to streamline the company’s business following lower-than-expected quarterly results and forecasted guidance. To soften the blow, somewhat, SolarCity’s co-founders, brothers Lyndon and Peter Rive, asked the board to reduce their salaries from $275,000 per year to … [continued]