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MaaS and Customer-Owned Models Earn Near-Identical Returns - Courtesy Lux Reseach, Inc

Microgrid-As-A-Service & Other Alternatives To Conventional Macrogrids

Originally posted on the ECOreport Though customer-owned microgrids will be the dominant ownership model in the near-term, a recent study by Lux Research Associate Dean Frankel shows that Microgrid-as-a-Service (MaaS) offers flexible ownership structure that attracts third party investors and is the best opportunity for power service providers and financiers … [continued]

How Soon Till Your Favorite Advanced Material (Graphene, Quantum Dots, etc) Is Commercialized? Lux Research…

Originally published on the Lux Research website. New advanced materials like MOFs (metal organic frameworks), advanced high-strength steel, and carbon nanotubes have the potential to enable novel products and disrupt existing businesses. However, material commercialization timelines are notoriously long and unpredictable. Now, Lux Research analysts have designed a tool that can help … [continued]