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The Most Effective Individual Steps To Decrease One’s Carbon Footprint

What are the most effective ways for an individual to reduce their carbon footprint?

Oftentimes when people discuss the need to “do something” to avoid extreme anthropogenic climate change, the focus is entirely on actions that could be taken on the national, global, or commercial levels. It’s not too often the case that people discuss what can be done individually to limit one’s contribution to rising atmospheric greenhouse gas levels and the problems accompanying them.

MIT Committee Calls For Divestment As Lund University Makes Partial Divestment

Sweden’s Lund University has announced that it intends to divest parts of its fossil fuel investments, at the same time as an MIT committee has recommended similar divestment. Announced on the Fossil Free website, Lund University, one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, declared that it would divest parts of its investment in … [continued]

Hydrogen Gas From Burned Garbage?

Millions of tons of toxic ash are created every year from the burning of refuse. This potentially-dangerous material is typically simply dumped in landfills (or, in some countries, used in construction). Rather than simply discard this toxic material, why not do something useful with it? And that’s exactly what researchers … [continued]