Los Alamos National Laboratory

A new, innovative method using AI is paving the way for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Credit: Maksim Eren, image created in DALL-E.

Using AI To Develop Enhanced Cybersecurity

 New research helps identify an unprecedented number of malware families A research team at Los Alamos National Laboratory is using artificial intelligence to address several critical shortcomings in large-scale malware analysis, making significant advancements in the classification of Microsoft Windows malware and paving the way for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Using … [continued]

Power Plant Emissions At Four Corners Sites Verified Remotely From Space — First Study To…

The emissions from two very large coal-fired power plants in the Four Corners area of northwest New Mexico were recently measured remotely via space-based techniques by researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The study represents the first time that such space-based techniques have been shown to “successfully verify international … [continued]