Facing Down the Fossils — 4-Part Video Series

“Facing Down the Fossils” is a series about the people who are dealing with generational consequences of the pollution and economic damage caused by the fossil fuel industry and who now face the prospect of even more fossil fuel projects in the United States. In response, these communities are not only standing up to wrongdoing but also leading the effort to advance clean energy production.

Engie’s US LNG Reversal: Emissions Cuts Helped Clinch the Deal, But Are They Legit?

Earlier this month, the Financial Times reported that French energy company Engie signed a 15-year supply deal for liquified natural gas (LNG) from NextDecade’s proposed Rio Grande project in Texas. The agreement was notable in part because Engie had rejected a similar agreement in fall 2020 — a watershed moment signaling the importance of climate … [continued]

Methane at Sea: Finding the Invisible Climate Killer, So-Called “Green” (LNG) Ships

Infrared images show unburned methane – a potent greenhouse gas – being released from supposedly ‘green’ LNG ships, a damning new investigation by Transport & Environment (T&E) shows. European politicians are playing with fire in their support for LNG, says T&E, with methane over 80 times more climate warming than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.