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Digging Into Yahua Lithium & Its 5 Year Lithium Agreement With Tesla

As we previously reported, Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group made an announcement at the end of December that its subsidiary, Yahua Lithium, signed a 5-year lithium supply agreement with Tesla. The contract’s value is reported to be a range of $630-880 million. Yahual Lithium will provide battery-grade lithium hydroxide to Tesla from 2021 through 2025. Here’s a bit more information and commentary on that deal.

Fox News Likes Low-Cost Electric Vehicle Technology

  Not that they’re going soft on us, but Fox recently featured an article on low-cost electric vehicle technology, and it’s just the kind of news we like to see here at CleanTechnica: good news about emerging clean technology that could break through the affordability barrier. The article profiled a company called Simbol Materials, … [continued]

Air-Breathing Batteries: How Does Recharging Your Electric Car Only Monthly Sound?

IBM-led researchers have estimated that a recent battery technology under development could enable electric vehicles to travel 800 km (497 miles) per charge. This technology is a lithium-ion battery that utilizes air (partially) to generate electricity. The lithium-air battery was invented years ago, and researchers have been working on improving … [continued]