Lisa Murkowski

We Don’t Need Nickel From Russia

We don’t need nickel from Russia. There is a critical need for nickel and other EV battery metals worldwide, but we don’t need to get it from Russia. In March 2022, Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas shared worries about Russia’s outsized role in the nickel supply chain for EVs. CNBC’s Phil … [continued]

Trump Threatens Alaska Drilling & Mining As Payback For Murkowski’s Trumpcare Vote

Trump has big plans to help Big Oil in Alaska — including Arctic offshore drilling, the Salmon-destroying Pebble Mine, and of course, opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for more energy exploration (a wet dream of the GOP for almost 50 years). But now all that could be at risk, since he’s annoyed at Alaskan GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski for voting against Trumpcare.

Lisa Murkowski vs Public Health & Security

Senator Lisa Murkowski became famous beyond her home state of Alaska when she worked with lobbyists to propose what is popularly known as the Dirty Air Act (Resolution of Disapproval of the Environmental Protection Agency’s endangerment finding, S.J. Res 26). Opposition to Murkowski’s proposal to make a horrible step backwards grew quickly. Basically, … [continued]