New Low-Energy Designer Light Bulb Shrinks

It’s not something I tweet about, make known on Facebook, or generally make any noise about whatsoever, but I actually really like light bulbs. They fascinate me. They always have. Ever since I was a little kid and I realised that a broken light bulb meant the little filament would be dangling instead of held taught.
So that’s why I’m so stoked about the new Baby Plumen 001 from Hulger & Samuel Wilkinson […]

Hybrid Capacitors Provide Long-lasting Energy to LED Lights

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide long-life lighting technology that powers flashlights, street signs and medical devices. LEDs have bright output with low input power, making them much more energy efficient than their incandescent predecessors. Hybrid capacitors, a combination of an ultracapacitor and a lithium-ion battery, are an ideal choice for LEDs because the low energy and power of LEDs allows hybrid capacitors to be a longer term energy source than alternative energy storage solutions on the market. Other benefits of LEDs to lighting include little to no required maintenance.