light pollution

Featured image: "Lightning and Stars" by Jennifer Sensiba.

Colorado Aims To Reduce Light Pollution With Dark Sky Month

Earlier this month, Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced Dark Sky Month. The goal? To raise awareness of a serious problem that affects people, animals, and plants without many of us even noticing. This month, take the time to learn about the impacts of excessive artificial light at night and to … [continued]

Image provided by NASA (Public Domain)

Save A Bird By Dimming Your Lights

Light pollution affects more than just our ability to stargaze — it can also have a major impact on animals. With excessive artificial light interfering with their natural sleep cycles, nocturnal creatures like bats, owls, and fireflies can have a tough time finding food, attracting mates, or staying safe from … [continued]

Want To Learn About Light Pollution? There’s A Mini-Course For That

Light pollution is the excessive or unnecessary artificial light produced by human activities, which causes adverse effects on the natural environment and living organisms. This phenomenon occurs when urban areas, industrial developments, and other human activities emit bright, unshielded lights into the natural environment, obstructing the sky’s view and disrupting … [continued]